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skysop-Automated-SOP-construction-antyllusSkySOP is Antyllus’ solution to managing any company’s SOP’s.

  • Simple
    Very simple user interface allows use by entire staff complement such as factory and shop floor workers and those with no computer training. System designed as a highly visual work guide to be accessed, if required, at point of duty from flat screens, training booths and group training rooms.
  • Cloud-Based
    The system is Cloud-Based (or Intranet-Based) and written in ASP.net language allowing access from PC or any mobile device and allowing real-time interaction and uploads by users.
  • Standard SOP Structure
    SOPs are all created in a manner acceptable to ISO and all follow a simple structure of Metadata (SOP administration and management details), Scope (SOP summary) and Process (SOP stages and steps). SOPs and work instructions are combined to simplify the management of the process. Standardisation of structure eases SOP interpretation in any organisation.
  • Accepts existing SOPs
    Existing SOPs in any format, inclusive of those with workflow diagrams and templates can be imported into the new SOP structure.
  • Automatic Formatting
    New SOPs are automatically created in a standard font and text size and automatically formatted (inclusive of imported documents).
  • Interactive
    Interactive design of SOP structure allows any reference document to be attached to the system with a hyperlink (e.g. excel spreadsheets, word documents, CAD diagrams etc.). Also interacts with CloudCOR reporting system.
  • Dynamic
    Dynamic features include automated SOP distribution to selected individuals small groups or large groups of any size. Audit trails track all usage (and non-usage) and allow on-demand or scheduled reports of multiple selected parameters. Warnings requiring action are escalated if not acted upon.
  • Unique Hierarchical Structure
    Hierarchical structure of users and user groups allows escalation of feedback warnings regarding underuse or inadequate test results to increasingly senior management if no action is taken.
  • Full Multimedia Capacity
    Full multimedia capacity is given to all SOPs.
  • Version Control
    Version control is a key element to the system with previous versions archived and available only to authorised persons.
  • Authorisation Control
    Authorisation control specifies who may create or edit SOPs and determines the levels of access and control of various parts of the system. Users only see those parts of the system relevant to them and those which they are authorised to view or edit.
  • Staff Testing Module
    The testing module allows administrators to set tests on new and existing SOPs. Tests can be ordered for a variety of situations and repeated at chosen intervals to ensure ongoing competency of responsible staff. Tests are scrambled so that no two workers will see questions from a specific test in the same order.
  • Audit Trail
    A very comprehensive audit trail allows administrators to view system use by all users including records of test results and access of system by individuals or groups. The results of specific queries on system use can be programmed to be sent to administrators at any chosen frequency (e.g. every Tuesday).
  • Easy User Management
    A user management system allows companies to load staff details in large groups while individuals can update their own details.
  • Built-in Help Menu
    On-screen user guides and online administrator user manuals allow for rapid understanding of the system.
  • Very High Capacity
    System design allows use in large and very large corporates with well over 10 000 users per company at multiple international sites.
  • Tried and Tested
    The system was in operation in the test phase for the whole of 2014 at a Durban oil refinery with South Africa-wide depots and at a large listed retail group. Over 1000 users have access to the system with over 700 staff at the oil refinery on their system. No system failures or untoward occurrences have been reported.
  • System encryption
    System encryption of the highest order keeps all information secure within the host server and available only to the client and not to Antyllus or any other unauthorised party.
  • High-End Hosting
    The system is hosted at large corporate hosting companies with servers in South Africa and The United States. We will add host servers into every region where we gain significant client number and will grow our client support service according to any SLA that we sign with those companies.
  • Well-Priced
    Antyllus’ final major advantage is in the pricing. Our fee schedule is extremely reasonable and equates to the cost of adding one or a few junior staff members, depending on the size of the client company. We offer a service based on the number of SOPs that a client company needs to have on the system with various packages defining the number of SOP’s that the client can load. The fee is not related to the number of users (unlimited) or the amount of system use.